Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eventful: Demands -- Create Your Own Real Event!

Not exactly travel, but related in a leisure/recreation sort of way...

Eventful: Hottest Demands:

Eventful Demand - A new service giving you tools to make dream events come true.

How It Works (learn more)
1. Start a demand
2. Join and promote demand
3. Reach critical mass
4. Contact performer
5. Performer agrees
6. Schedule event
7. Eventful sends you an email

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Love Travel Stories

The subtitle for this webpage is: The best new travel writing on the web? You choose. You decide. -- which, of course, is what makes it Web 2.0!

I am personally not that into traditional travel writing and reading. (Travel blogging is another story -- though I am not quite sure what the difference is!) But, for those of you who love travel writing, the I Love Travel Stories website (still in beta) looks like a cool site where you can both submit and vote on the best articles available on the web.

If you are a Travel Writer, you should check out:
Based on the large number of links on this site, I would guess that travel writing is a very popular activity these days!

Monday, March 06, 2006 Goes Live! - map your trips went live today. The idea is to place google map type pins on a map, with comments, to show friends and others where you have been (or where you will be). Locations can be very specific (many of the eraly pins are restaurant reviews) or more general (such as a city). Comments and thumbnail photos can also be included. Pins can be placed either through a cell phone or logging into your account. Updates can be emailed to friends.

To see My Flagr Page, which is under construction, click here. This is fun! Click the title above to get your own Flagr account.

** - offers a similar travel tracking and mapping service, but based solely on SMS/text messaging. It seems more basic, and less of a social networking site than Flagr, but I could be wrong about that. Check it out for yourself.