Thursday, April 06, 2006

PAGUNA - Hotel Bookings in AJAX

This is probably the slickest hotel booking site yet! I do not know if they have the best prices, but I do know that it is fun to use!

I received this note from the developers:

By utilizing AJAX, we were able to design the website so that the customer can complete the entire booking process on one HTML page.

From our point of view, the utilization of AJAX in a hotel booking website increases usability greatly. By fitting the entire booking process onto one page, Paguna enables the user the always know which step of the booking he currently is in, and the search and booking processes is easier and more efficient. If you compare using Paguna with “traditional” hotel reservation websites, you will notice how much more quickly you can make changes, read hotel information, and look at pictures of the hotel when using Paguna.

As far as we know, Paguna is the first commercial application of its kind which uses AJAX intensively in order to realize a new usability concept.


Another apparently Ajax-based hotel (and hostel) booking site is TripMojo. It is very basic, however, in comparison to Paguna, and seems to rely on any casual viewer (including hotels, themselves) to add information and links to the accommodations that are included.

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Mark Duran said...

AJAX technology is also used in our web site in search box. However Paguna's application is incredible. Everything is made on a single page.