Friday, May 26, 2006 & Other Podcast Walking Tours

I recently received an email from Torsten Peters at with updated information about their free downloadable audio walking tours, which currently cover London, Barcelona, and Paris. Interestingly, he included a couple of competitor urls and told me that if I wanted more he would send them. I said yes, and boy was I surprised at the number of links he sent me. At some point, when I have some free time (ha!), I will write a review article on this topic, possibly for my journal, Tourism Geographies. But in the meantime, I wanted to share the links with all of you. Torsten noted that is free, while most of the others charge a fee for their downloads. If you know of any others that I should add to this list, send them to me ( and I will add them to this list.

Thanks to Torsten!

BTW - What should we be calling these? Auidoguides? Audiotours? Podguides? Podtours? ?? - Bangkok
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Jocelyn said...

I think Podguides works well for naming these things. Great list you've got going.

Here are a few more (Soundwalk, etc.) in a blog post on finding solo time when traveling with friends or family... using podcasts and podguides to get some space on the road.

Genevate said...

Have you guys used or heard of Audissey Guides?

These are some very great audio tours that are available currently for Boston and Chicago.

Check it out:

anastasia-rr said...

Podtours of various UK and European destinations at, with a focus on art and architecture

AudioSnacks said...

We saw your blog on podcast audio tours and we thought you might be interested in learning about our site, has created a catalog of mp3 audio tours for travelers to download. What makes us unique is that you can even post your tours with us and we can add them to our catalog for customers to download.
We hope you take the time to check it out!

Best Regards,

AudioSnacks Crew

City Stroller said...

Having discussed this industry a couple of years ago now, would it be worth having another look at it? There have been some serious developments in terms of the industry size, the form of the product, points of distribution and acknowledgement - for instance, Apple now mentions audio guides on its ipod site. I would also be interested to know what the popular term is for audio city guides (perhaps that's it?) and who is now considered the industry leaders.

Alan A. Lew said...

I agree. It is a topic that is ripe for an update... if I only had the time! :( -- Alan

sam said...

You guys may also want to check out this new website: helpful info on planning trips to Lodnon