Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MyGreatRides.com - The Online Motorcycle Community

MyGreatRides.com - The Online Motorcycle Community

"The open road meets the Info Superhighway at MyGreatRides.com, a virtual community for people who have a passion for riding."

I am personally not a biker in any way, and this website is still in beta (you need to sign up for an invitation). However, I thought it was an interesting niche travel idea, and one that may catch on with that very devoted segment of the recreation travel and tourism market. I did a quick search and did not find anything quite like what this site may be -- though I can't really tell until it become public. The closest thing was Total Motorcycle.com, but that seemed a lot more Web 1.0.

ALSO CHECKOUT: BikersWorld.com


Bikerworlds said...

Wow, this site is really lacking some of the basics in order to have a succesul thriving online community. There are some much better alternatives out there including my bikerworlds.com.

timtheadmin said...

You might - except Bikerworlds is no longer in service. Join us over at Bikerhood.com - where many of Bikerworlds former members have found a new home. Hope to see you there.