Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Travel Podcasts of 2007 - Nominees

The following podcasts have been nominated for the People's Choice Podcast Awards for the Best Travel Podcasts of 2007. Congratulations!

- 808 Talk [url] [rss]
- Alaska Podshow [url] [rss]
- Beachwalks with Rox [url] [rss]
- Living in Las Vegas [url] [rss]
- The Amateur Traveler [url] [rss]
- The Dis Unplugged [url] [rss]
- The Meandering Mouse [url] [rss]
- Travel with Rick Steves [url] [rss]
- Trucker Tom Podcast [url] [rss]
- WDW Radio [url] [rss]

Anyone can vote for their favorites, starting July 28th and closing August 11th. The Podcast Awards website is a great place to find new podcasts that you have not heard before.


OK, so I wasn't nominated, but since this is my blog, I can still mention my own travel podcasts: Travelography: World Travel and Tourism News, and Geography for Travelers, both of which got a great plug on the July 1, 2007 episode of the Home Based Travel Agent podcast -- one that I personally listen to more than any of the nominees above.