Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best Travel Podcasts of 2007 - Nominees

The following podcasts have been nominated for the People's Choice Podcast Awards for the Best Travel Podcasts of 2007. Congratulations!

- 808 Talk [url] [rss]
- Alaska Podshow [url] [rss]
- Beachwalks with Rox [url] [rss]
- Living in Las Vegas [url] [rss]
- The Amateur Traveler [url] [rss]
- The Dis Unplugged [url] [rss]
- The Meandering Mouse [url] [rss]
- Travel with Rick Steves [url] [rss]
- Trucker Tom Podcast [url] [rss]
- WDW Radio [url] [rss]

Anyone can vote for their favorites, starting July 28th and closing August 11th. The Podcast Awards website is a great place to find new podcasts that you have not heard before.


OK, so I wasn't nominated, but since this is my blog, I can still mention my own travel podcasts: Travelography: World Travel and Tourism News, and Geography for Travelers, both of which got a great plug on the July 1, 2007 episode of the Home Based Travel Agent podcast -- one that I personally listen to more than any of the nominees above.

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chris2x said...

I would also point out that if you use iTunes a better feed for the Amateur Traveler is

(or just clock on the subscribe with iTunes link on

because this is the iTunes enhanced feed that has pictures and links

Chris Christensen
Amateur Traveler podcast