Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Podcasts about Tourism and Travel

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Some say that blogging was the birth of Web 2.0. Podcasting is essentially audio blogging and there has been a gradually growing number of podcasts related to travel. Travel and tourism podcasts tend to be of three types (with considerable overlap among individual podcasts):
  1. Destination Podcasts (describing and selling destinations)
  2. Travel Experience Podcasts (including sound-seeing tours)
  3. Travel/Tourism Industry and Education Podcasts (including news and opinion)
This website (which I maintain) focusses on #3 in this list, though it also includes links to podcasts directories that include destination and experience podcasts.

Mark Peacock of the Travel Commons podcast suggested that travel podcasts can also be divided into those that are Original (specifically for podcasting) and those that are Repurposed (originally broadcast as traditional radio programs, for example).

Here is a recent article on Travel Podcasts:
Digital options lighten load for tourists -
By Reuters February 18, 2006, 1:59 PM PST

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