Wednesday, February 01, 2006 is the largest travel review site around, though its focus is mostly on selling hotel rooms. I heard that it was purchased by Expedia in 2005 to add some Web 2.0 to the Expedia website, though other than listing TripAdvisor as a "partner," there is no sign of this on eiter website.

TripAdvisor is far from the community comment tool that and are, but I would guess that they are looking at those sites for future development of their own.

From their website:

The largest site for unbiased travel reviews gives you the real story about hotels, attractions and restaurants around the world. Stories, secrets and special places from people just like you. Search, travel, then share your own experiences.
  • 3,000,000+ unbiased reviews and opinions you can trust
  • Updated every minute, every day by real travelers
  • "Been there, done that" inside information
  • The best deals for your travel dates

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