Friday, August 03, 2007

Avvenu - Remote Computer Access for Road Warriors

Few things drive me more crazy than buying (or buying into) something and then finding a better deal or product at the same or lower price. I use Gmail, for example, even though I know that Yahoo Mail is better. I just keep hoping that Gmail will be updated some day to be more like Yahoo Mail. At least Gmail is free.

In April paid for an account with so I can access my desktop files remotely using my office computer and my new Fujitisu P1610 mini tablet pc. I like Logmein, except for two things: (1) it does not have a search function in its file transfer and sync utility, and (2) you cannot view photo icons in the file transfer and sync.

So now I stumble across which is a lot like Logmein, but offers remote file search and tranfer in its free version (not sure about photo icon viewing). Its paid version allows access to files even when your home/main pc is off by uploading the files you want to access to the Avvenu website. Very cool, and a lot cheaper than, or the even more expensive also allows you to listen and share music on your home computer from a remote computer or PDA. Although I have not tried it yet, it looks to me like is a great utility for the traveling road warrior!

(Click Here to read about my Office Anywhere efforts.)

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erikdb said...

Always learning, always learning ...
It's great to learn about a new remote access solution from an avid road warrior. Certainly one that I can include in my own remote access tips page.


Karen said...

Access security is a major concern with hosted solutions. RHUB, Remote Access is a good alternative. It is on-premise hardware, so you will be having the protection of your firewall. As with hosted solutions you need not have to pay expensive monthly fees; you pay a flat fee and the appliance is yours. Further, RHUB also offers a 4-in-1 appliance, which integrates web conferencing, remote access, remote support, and webinar, in a single box, at an affordable cost, which is of outstanding value.

Mike said...

I like the security features Karen was talking about. Security is always a top priority for me and my networks. I find remote access software to need particular security features to ensure safe data protection and file transfers.