Friday, June 23, 2006

TripHub and Triporama - Group Travel Planners

What could be more social than traveling witha a group of friend and/or relatives to a fun destination? Well there are two (that I know of) free social software websites that help you to start developing the social relationships for such a journey online.
- According to the webiste:
"Plan a Group Trip -- Create your trip, then use our tools to:
* store and share travel research; * manage invites; * conduct polls; * coordinate travel; ...and more."
- According to the website, you can
"Easily plan and organize your trip for free! -- Create a Trip Home Page; Invite people to join the trip; Send Invitations; and Discuss & Share Plans"

Triporama currently appears to have a few more features, but TripHub may be easier to use. I suspect that competition will drive them to each add more tools to one-up the other. Both provide tips and ideas for group travel.

From my own experience, making group travel arrangements is not the easiest thing in the world to do in a smooth and painless way. So if you are given that responsibility, you might want to check these two sites out for tips and help to ease your planning efforts.

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I am the VP Marketing for TripHub. Thanks so much for taking a look at We launched in March and are hearing from many people that we've got something big! Adoption is growing and we're innovating as fast as we can. We're listening to feedback and will be adding some great new features in the next 30 days that allow for easier communications and sharing of travel plans within groups. Finally, your readers may be interested to know that TripHub also powers the Alaska Air group reservations site. More details about that relationship on!