Monday, July 03, 2006

Other Web 2.0 Related Travel Blogs

Of course, why should I think that I am the only one out there blogging about online innovations in travel and tourism? Here are a two more that I just learned about and which cross many of the same boundaries that I do, though each in our own way. Check these out:

Les Explorers - by Claude Benard
<> covers a wide range of travel and tourism, and while I do not know any French, I still find it of considerable interest

Hotel Blog - by Guillaume Thevenot
<> had a focus on the hotel and hospitality industry, though not exclusively so

Let me know if there are any other worthy blogs out there, and I will add them to this blog entry.

1 comment:

Claude Benard said...

Bonjour Alan

Thanks for your post about Les Explorers

It's in french but you can find some english interviews of etourism professional

best regards from Marseille (France)


Les Explorers