Thursday, August 03, 2006

Next wave of travel websites feels like MySpace |

Next wave of travel websites feels like MySpace |

This is a Christian Science Monitor article on Travel 2.0 (Web 2.0 applied in the travel sector). The article is somewhat narrowly focused on, though it does mention (great idea, if you live in Boston or Seattle, useless for the rest of the world) and (not one I am familiar with). Personally, I think the hottest Travel-Mypace is, though I personally am currently using and

CLICK HERE to go to read about and listen to my recent "Travel 2.0" conference presentation on my Geography for Travelers podcast.


Abel said...


You mentioned you will review some travel websites. There is a site that allows travelers, etc to obtain items they are not able to get within their own country. Can you mention this in your blog? Its a really good concept but of course we need to build an international community of members in order to make it work. Kind Regards.

Dave said...

Hi, and while doing so please also checkout which has a fast growing user base and number of ads. Its the original P2P delivery platform and discussed on many different blogs and won the TimesOnline website of the week award.